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"El presidente hará una reunión al mediodía sobre el asunto", dijo el número dos del Gobierno brasileño, según recoge el portal de noticias G1.

Según Mourão, participarán los representantes del Ministerio de Defensa, del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y del Gabinete de Seguridad Institucional.

Situación en Caracas, Venezuela
Reportan enfrentamientos en Caracas tras la intentona golpista
Más temprano este 30 de abril, el opositor Juan Guaidó publicó en su cuenta de la red social Twitter un vídeo en el que llamaba a la población y a los militares a tomar las calles.
En las imágenes se ve a Guaidó junto a algunos presuntos militares y dos tanquetas.

El vídeo fue grabado a la altura de la Base Militar Francisco Miranda, también conocida como La Carlota, en el este de Caracas.

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En pasados días en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia, un grupo importante de instituciones y personas pertenecientes al taekwondo se reunieron para fundar la WTS o “WORLD TAEKWONDO SCHOOLS”, y dar a conocer sus objetivos misionales y visionales, dentro de los cuales están: beneficiar a todos sus asociados en los ámbitos, académicos, sociales y económicos, además de ser la asociación líder en la enseñanza del taekwondo con gran calidad en lo cognitivo, social y deportivo.

Nota aclaratoria: no es la competencia de la WT, es la Asociación Mundial de Escuelas de Taekwondo.

'Lima, Perú 29/ 04/ 2019

World Taekwondo President Choue Chungwon.

"In an ideal world, we would not need to have a Team of Refugee Athletes in the Olympic Games. But, unfortunately, the reasons why we created an Olympic Team Olympic of Rio 2016 persist ".
"This is the continuation of an exciting human and Olympic journey, and a reminder to refugees that we have not forgotten them."
President of the IOC, Thomas Bach,

I have the pleasure of addressing you, in order to be able to make a project proposal related to Athletes and competitors of refugees in South America from in Lima- Peru.
Considering my relevance as a World Class Competitor of the WT Taekwondo discipline, I have been given the opportunity to make contact with organizations and with the FPT and with high-level competitors, who through social networks contact me asking for support to get a job, most of them wish to continue competing but who still remain in the country of origin, it is also remarkable that many of them do not have a university degree, much less a trade with which to perform, some flag and compete for another country in exchange for an economic benefit being this a false reality, the legal Immigration procedures often trample their virtues achievements and record.

* That is why I go to your office to request your good offices and generate a channel through which we can raise our requests considering that you, Mr. Chungwon Choue, Commission of the Olympic Refugee Foundation, this being a golden opportunity since it gives a clear vision of the power of taekwondo as a transformation tool.

I am Mr. Robert Mujica, trainer and competitor of taekwondo Poomsae · # 16 of the 2016 WT World Ranking, competitor of the X Lima Peru 2016 world championship, at that time I am currently living in the City of Lima, Peru, I work in some activities with UNHCR-UN, in favor of the Venezuelan, Cuban, Haitian Honduran athletes. Colombians, Syrians, Salvadorans who are in this region, in order to generate opportunities for them, in competitions where many should be, since they were origin and nowadays due to circumstances beyond their control they have had to abandon being victims of dictatorships, guerrilla groups, economic problems, criminal groups victims of drug trafficking and trafficking in white, in my case as well as my family and some colleagues who are here, the fact of being athletes and having international representation currency, becoming attractive and white figures of kidnappings and assaults.
After our participation in the "X World Championship", I decided together with my daughter Roima Indonesia Mujica Silva, who competed in the aforementioned World Championship as part senior 1 less than 30 years, stay in Lima-Peru, to seek to rebuild our lives and work hard to bring the rest of our family who still remained in the bases for the moment of the massive arrival of Venezuelan immigrants specifically, many of these immigrants would be part of the generations of relay of high competition possibilities arose a press article where a meeting of senior leaders of the world sports area was published here in Lima, it was the creation of the Olympic Foundation to those who arrived at this meeting I could assure myself, that the foundations are laid for an interesting project that would generate integration possibilities for those people mental and technical of the different sports disciplines, being the case of the taekwondo in particular my greater effort.

Then in this need to search for opportunities arises in social networks articles where the Olympic Foundation for Refugees and the merger between UNHCR and the C we would relate from now on being this our reality the one that would write our immediate history, here I am in a textual way the article that justifies the creation of the Olí.

Foundation Olympic Foundation for Refugees

In 2017, the IOC launched the Olympic Refugee Foundation to help create safe, accessible and organized "Sports for Protection" projects for communities in the vulnerable and aim to leave a sustainable legacy. These efforts will support the work of UNHCR in places where there are a significant number of young people displaced the President of the IOC, Thomas Bach, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, who serves as Vice President. The pilot projects will start Turkey, based on lessons learned from the past and will work with local actors, including government and local authorities, non-governmental organizations UNHCR, the National Olympic Committees and the sports sector, whenever possible.

* In short, our objective is to generate a communication channel that manages to channel ideas and concerns, connect those ideas and agreements with the reality of the Refugee, palpable benefits.

Objectives: considering this paragraph that raises a palpable reality in different places of this city to be able to see young athletes and sportsman working and performing trab Once it was his advantage in major competitions, this time they are working tools to live their new reality, that is why we join forces with international organizations. Competitors, and thus guarantee their integrity and also in some way protect those generations of relay.

* Work together with UNHCR and Taekwondo WT and the group of taekwondinim competitors to find ways to develop facilities, scholarships, sports centers, for training I managed to begin to set the first steps for that advance ofthe society to have methods of gender equality, to combat femicide and family violence, to combat the consumption girls and adolescents taking as an example the refugee athletes of high competence, who can visit educational facilities and thus encourage the participation of students school nationals as well as achieving the integration of children and adolescents Refugees through sports and their participation in national and international school games.

One of the agreements that were reached at the time of the creation of the Olympic Refugee Foundation was to create spaces that serve to carry out sports activities refugee athletes and competitors would have a place to prepare physically, and mentally, as in the technical part, in addition to receiving medical and dental care being It is also important to highlight that in America we have Refugees, stateless persons and displaced persons but we do not have adequate places for our preparation, physical and the conditions, it is important to clarify that when competing, the refugee plows with the same determination since its nature is to compete to win, raising this feeling reality.

In conclusion I would like to have the opportunity to set up a meeting with you or someone you have well appointed to raise our needs and concerns.

UNHCR and Olympic Solidarity, which organizes the IOC's assistance to the National Olympic Committees, continue to work to identify high-level refugee athletes who can international in their sport.

I taking advantage of this opportunity for the data that through the headquarters of UNHCR in Lima, Peru, we were nominated to be part of the Olympic Refugee Foundation. Approved by Federico Agusti, representative of the High Commissioner of the United Nations.

Robert Yhoime Mujica: Passport 093880851
Competitor World Class 1 master category less than 50 years
# 16 WT Poomsae Ranking 2016
Roima Indonesia Mujica Silva: Passport 093813303
Competitor World Class senior category less than 30 years #
33 Ranking WT Poomsae 2016
Roberto Antonio Flores Marín: Passport 148091490
Multi National Medalist Venezuela
Robert Gabriel Mujica Silva: Passport 093112073
Cadet category international competitor
Brian Guiomar Gonzáles Landaeta: Passport 067322525
Youth category competitor
Without more to make reference, I say goodbye. Waiting for your timely response.

Robert Yhoime Mujica
Competitor World Class 1 master
category less than 50 years.
# 16 WT Poomsae Ranking 2016
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+0051 983419045'

El medio de comunicación ha confirmado disparos en la base aérea La Carlota, además VPitv denuncia que problemas en las plataformas informativas de varios medios de comunicación venezolanos.

Hay gran temor por la represión de la guardia venezolana.

Venezuela - EN VIVO Y EN DIRECTO, Enfrentamientos de la Guardia Venezolana en el marco de la “Operación Libertad”

Cortesía Euro News

Venezuela - EN VIVO Y EN DIRECTO, fase final del plan “Operación Libertad” no se sabe en donde esta Nicolás Maduro.

Cortesía de VPItv

Alexander Bachmann está listo para defender su título masculino de 87 kilogramos en el Campeonato Mundial de Taekwondo después de que Alemania anunciara su equipo para la competencia del próximo mes en Manchester.

Bachmann se había convertido en campeón mundial en Muju en 2017, luego de derrotar al número uno del mundo, Vladislav Larin, de Rusia.

Competirá en el Manchester Arena junto a su compañero de equipo y al campeón masculino de -80 kg en 2013, Tahir Guelec.

Huseyin Alperen Canan, Jordanis Konstantinidis, Martin Stach y Cem Unlusoy también representarán a Alemania en el evento masculino.

En la competición femenina, se seleccionó a Oziem Guruz, Ela Aydin, Madeline Folgmann, Anna-Lena Froemming, Celine Schmidt, Alema Hadzic y Lorean Brandl.

Estados Unidos anunció que traerían a Paige McPherson, quien se llevó la plata en la clase de mujeres de -67 kg en 2017.

Su otra medalla de plata en Corea del Sur hace dos años, Jackie Galloway de la categoría +73, no peleará en Manchester.

Madelynn Gorman-Shore fue la número uno tanto en -73kg como en + 73kg, y decidió tomar el puesto de -73kg.

El resto del equipo femenino está compuesto por Monique Rodriguez, Kayla Morales, Anastasija Zolotic, Desirae Rolaff y Ara White.

David Kim, Damian Villa, Alejandro Chang, CJ Nickolas, Thomas Rahimi, Jaysen Ishida, Hanssel Llanos y Jonathan Healy competirán en el evento masculino.

Los estadounidenses asistirán a un campo de entrenamiento para prepararse para el torneo, que tendrá lugar del 15 al 19 de mayo.

La World Taekwondo ha confirmado que el evento se llevará a cabo en la ciudad italiana el próximo año.

La competencia comenzará con el calificativo olímpico, que se llevará a cabo del 24 al 25 de abril.

Determinará qué atletas europeos avanzarán al torneo de los Juegos Olímpicos, que se celebrará del 25 al 28 de julio del próximo año.

Los atletas también se clasificarán para la Final del Gran Premio Mundial de Taekwondo en Moscú en diciembre, así como a través de la clasificación olímpica.

La clasificación europea para los atletas de Para taekwondo se llevará a cabo el 26 de abril en Milán.

Será la primera vez que los competidores de Para Taekwondo se aseguren un lugar en los Juegos, con el deporte que hará su debut en el Paralímpico en Tokio.

El estado de Taekwondo Europa del mundo más detalles para los eventos de calificación en Milán se anunciarán en el futuro.

El taekwondo internacional en disputa por el Hall Internacionla de la Fama fundado por Gerard Robbins, quien denunica usurpación de marca por parte de la WT al querer instaurar un Hall de la Fama paralelo.

Todo listo para inicio del Giro de Italia el 11 de mayo.

Champions League.

Tottenham vs Ajax.
Barcelona vs Liverpool.

Fútbol profesional colombiano.

Liga Águila
fecha 19 de 20.
Envigado vs Nacional.

Selección Colombia Sub 20 termina su último micro ciclo antes del mundial en Polonia.

“Proteger a los menores de edad de la violencia sexual es posible y es responsabilidad de todos. Esta semana, Colombia se convirtió en el segundo país de América Latina en contar con una herramienta de este tipo que permitirá alejar a los abusadores de nuestros niños”, resaltó la Directora General del ICBF Juliana Pungiluppi.

Directora del ICBF anuncia firma del decreto del Registro de Ofensores Sexuales

El anuncio lo hizo la Directora General del Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF), Juliana Pungiluppi, y advirtió que estas personas quedarán inhabilitadas para acceder a un empleo que implique un trato habitual y directo con menores de edad.

El documento presidencial implementará el Registro Nacional de Ofensores Sexuales que inhabilitará a quienes hayan cometido delitos sexuales contra niños, niñas y adolescentes, que entrará en operación dentro de tres meses y será administrado por la Policía Nacional.

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